Thursday, September 2, 2010

little survey from temptalia

i got this one from, another beauty/makeup website i frequent during my spare time. the product reviews and comment sections are absolutely helpful, especially the category on blushes. ooh love.

What was your favorite beauty purchase from August?
hmmm. lemme think. that would be my Etude House eyelash curler. my everyday look won't be complete without curling my straight lashes. and Pond's Cold Cream. it's my savior.

What was your least favorite beauty purchase from August?
Pond's Flawless White Day Brightening Cream. it does the exact opposite of what it claims. it dries my skin out! and NARS Concealer Stick in Praline. it's pretty much useless for me. my Fashion 21 Perfect Stick in Milk Tea is waaaay better, price and quality-wise.

What do you regret not purchasing (beauty-wise) in August?
E.L.F. Powder Blush in Tickled Pink and Candid Coral. Pink Lemonade could've waited a month or so more.

and just to complete the set, i added this one question...

What do you not regret not purchasing (beauty-wise) in August?
Etude House Cleanser. Pond's Cold Cream works just as good, at almost half the price.

now it's your turn to answer these lovely questions about August purchases. what's your take on these?

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