Sunday, September 12, 2010

finally! an affordable skin care program that works

half of my shopping time for beauty products is spent perusing the local Watsons' isle for skin care goodies. i'm not one to go for an expensive product just because it's the thing. i find it quite exciting to discover the magic behind drugstore products and come out as happy as using those top brands.

case in point: these two lovelies that absolutely did wonders for my combination/oily skin.

1. Ponds Pure White Facial Foam with Activated Carbon

one of the more sci-fi products in the market right now, but forget the chemistry lesson: it works! it dries out my t-zone without drying my whole face. and i love the black and pink packaging. it matches our bathroom tiles.

2. Myra E Facial Moisturizer

after hearing mixed reviews on the Tinted Moisturizer, i decided to take it easy with the cheapest one on the block. a bit runny, but dries out great. not as heavy as Nivea Creme, which i adore. on the whole, this one's a solid product that is super affordable and performs good too.

doesn't it feel great to finally have a good skin care regimen and one that's affordable too? it feels awesome. people have commented my "blooming" skin, all thanks to the less than Php 300.00 i spent on these two.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

little survey from temptalia

i got this one from, another beauty/makeup website i frequent during my spare time. the product reviews and comment sections are absolutely helpful, especially the category on blushes. ooh love.

What was your favorite beauty purchase from August?
hmmm. lemme think. that would be my Etude House eyelash curler. my everyday look won't be complete without curling my straight lashes. and Pond's Cold Cream. it's my savior.

What was your least favorite beauty purchase from August?
Pond's Flawless White Day Brightening Cream. it does the exact opposite of what it claims. it dries my skin out! and NARS Concealer Stick in Praline. it's pretty much useless for me. my Fashion 21 Perfect Stick in Milk Tea is waaaay better, price and quality-wise.

What do you regret not purchasing (beauty-wise) in August?
E.L.F. Powder Blush in Tickled Pink and Candid Coral. Pink Lemonade could've waited a month or so more.

and just to complete the set, i added this one question...

What do you not regret not purchasing (beauty-wise) in August?
Etude House Cleanser. Pond's Cold Cream works just as good, at almost half the price.

now it's your turn to answer these lovely questions about August purchases. what's your take on these?

Monday, August 30, 2010

weekly survey, vol. 1

sometimes, i miss the friendster bulletin board... :P

1. Mood:
- on a caffeine high. 3 cups of coffee to save me from a drowsy shift. mondays are terrible.

2. The last dream you remember having?
- hmmm. i don't really remember my dreams. but it was something to do with B.

3. Ankle boots — yay or nay?
- i'm an avid follower of yhaoo omg!'s what were they thinking and 2 hot 2 handle posts. somehow ankle booties are always labeled as hoof-like in all the pics. so nay for me.

4. A skincare product you’ve been wanting to try?
- something with activated carbon. i'm curious with the dirt-absorption thing. bizarro but interesting. pond's is a bit common, but i saw an activated carbon bar in somera at the mall.

5. Do you have a twin?
- i'd like to think of B as my identical twin in the sense that we both are alike in a lot of ways. yay!

6. What do you like most about your best friend?
- the fact that he's my boyfriend! another yay!

7. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
- it takes me an hour to prepare for going out.

8. Last time you changed your hair?
- my last haircut was in july. other than that, my hair is a virgin when it comes to treatments. i've only ever tried a hair relax and spa once.

9. Have you ever lied about your age?
- not really. i haven't reached that age where i have to lie about it, one way or another.

10. Weekly goals:
- for this week, enjoy the weekend without killing my budget. i'm saving up for christmas. yes, already. :)

it's survey time! i got this survey from karen at the makeup and beauty blog. copy and post your own answers!

love all,

the secret world of cheap lip/cheek tints

waaaay back in high school and early college, pressed powder, lip balm and black liner was the height of makeup. bushy eyebrows, flyaway hair and just-there lashes was my everyday look.

what really got me started on makeup was this nifty beauty tool called lip/cheek tint. powder or cream blush seemed overboard to wear everyday, so i settled for lighter tints as my color saviors.

even until now, i still believe in the supreme undying awesomeness of lip/cheek tints. they are incredibly budget friendly, unless you go for the more expensive brands, and are super convenient for everyday wear and tear. but then again, you rarely have to go the upper end of the price spectrum because there are a goody number of cheap but trusty tints all over.

i love lip and cheek tints or stains because they don't feel heavy on your face, especially when you have oily skin like me. the color is also subtle, unless you apply a lot of product, with the effect of just giving you a natural flush. the color range is quite limited, but most tint colors are standardized in the sense that they can be used on different skin tones and types.

here are some cheap but chic tints that i absolutely adore...

1. Careline Lip and Cheek Tint, Php 80.00 (approx.)
- i remember the days... this was my first ever tint! i was in highschool, and drugstore makeup was all a highschool student's allowance could afford. this comes in only one shade, a deep fuchsia, but looks light when blended out. very liquid and dries out fast. the silver capped tube with flower detail is quite tacky, but it's a good old product for young girls. cheap too.

2. Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain, Php 175.00 (approx.)
- i bought this one sale, two for around Php 200.00 so really not bad. it comes off more expensive when bought individually. there are 3 shades: red, orange and violet. i picked red and orange because they seemed wearable. the orange one was too light on me, i had to use a lot before a hint of color would appear. (i'm morena by the way.) the red one was better, an exactly red shade that makes me look flushed. still very runny, doesn't dry up too fast, but packaging is a total rip-off from the Body Shop's tint. minus points for that.

3. Penshoppe Cheek Tint in Blushed, Php 99.00
- now this one i absolutely adore! strictly, it's just a cheek stain, but it's so good and cheap that i have to put it here. it comes in a small tube, but you use only a small drop (seriously) and the color goes on great. just as its name suggests, you look like your blushing! color is peachy pink shade. slightly thicker and creamier. blends really well and minimal product usage with great color. not bad at all.

4. Bench Pretty When Pinched, Php 180.00
- it's a ddep violet/fuchsia shade, but looks great when blended out. i was amazed with this one because i swatched it on my arm and the color lasted hours. not at all bad for something so affordable. the pot is cute too, it looks like nail polish except that it's runny. super buy, this one.

5. SanSan Lip and Cheek Tint, price still to check
- i haven't really tried this one out, but SanSan is known for cheap but dependable products that i'm banking on the brand's great products reviews. it's a cherry red shade that reminds me of Ever Bilena, just a teeny bit lighter. i'm heading out to the HBC store to get my own bottle quite soon. but knowing SanSan, i'm sure this won't drain my pocket.

6. Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek Tint, not too sure about price, Php 200.00 below
- it comes with a cute silver roller ball, which i find quite convenient. i find it a bit expensive because even though the price isn't up there, the tube is a bit small. i've seen violet and red shades so far. i like the red shade a lot, it's cherry red that looks very sweet when blended out.

i know that there are other local brands out there, and i'd love to try and test them out. these cheap tints are really handy and worth your money. i wanted to try some of the more expensive brands, but Filipino mentality kicking in, we still prioritize the price. right ladies? who doesn't want a good deal these days? spend that hard-earned moolah on products that do their job without killing your cash cow.

spend the extra money on those expensive but trusted and utterly necessary products rather,

long weekend alert

this morning, i finally had the spare time to visit the salon and have my nails cleaned. what with spending all my free time with B or catching sleep or sometimes both, i only had the spare hour today.

my nails have grown really long in just two weeks. i have naturally short nails so i tend to grow them out a bit, but it was getting out of hand. probably one of the reasons i haven't had the heart to blog as long nails make typing such a chore. and just to save myself the dilemma of choosing what nail polish color to wear, i decided to go neat with just a colorless manicure and a warm mocha pedi.

i feel incredibly deprived of a good weekend. my shift schedule changed today, from a sunday-monday rest to a friday-saturday, party-friendly and boyfriend-friendly weekly off. i'm really looking forward to my first friday night out in months! B says he's parched from abstaining from beer and t-ice for too long. hehe.

i'm also quite excited for my long weekend. aside from getting friday and saturday off, i filed a personal leave for sunday, and we get monday off because it's a canadian holiday of some sort. (labor day, me thinks) plus, i have to report for duty on tuesday nigh. that means i get a much deserved and well earned four days ++ to spend with B. but that's not the only thing i'm looking forward to...

1. Creamy's Birthday Bash
- workmate Creamy's birthday is tomorrow (happy yappy birthday madam!) and she's throwing a bash this saturday. aside from the joyous notion that Creamy's house is a convenient 5-minute stroll from my crib, she's also a great cook. looking forward to yummy carbonara, sing-along with friends, and a fun time with co-workers.

2. Catching up on Blogs, and Sleep
- i get to sleep to my heart's content this weekend, but i'm definitely not spending the entire four days hogging off. i have a lot of blogging to do, particularly posting pictures for my blog.

3. Tagay Session with B
- B and i bonded over beer and t-ice. for the past 5 months i think, it's been total abstinence. i wonder how we held out so long. a few bottles by moonlight in my garden is a very simple way of quality time with my man. can't wait!

4. and possibly some shopping, i i have the cash to spare...
- those E.L.F. blushes can't get out of my head. waah! plus, i'm thinking of ordering Nyx Blush in Pinched. (another NARS Orgasm dupe posted on temptalia.)

really, the only thought dragging me through the week will be this loooong weekend. don't you just love that? i do.

hope you have a nice weekend too. i'm sure i will.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

august 27 makeup loot

ack! i've been so out of it for the past two weeks or so. last i checked in, it was the middle of august. and now it's about to end, heralding the start of the -ber season and more importantly, Christmas festivites and cheer. (yes, Christmas season starts on the -ber months here at home!)

i haven't had any new products to try, because i've been blissfully in love with my NARS Orgasm blush, but when we had a Heroes Crazy Costume Day at work, i just had to have some new stuff. i picked Mulan as my hero, because i had this amjbitious idea of showing up to be a Chinese princess but i ended up looking like a giant sushi plate which consisted of a grand disaster in the form of an old red bathrobe over an old white night gown, black tights, black flats and a black sash.

you should have seen my face though, which was the only saving grace of my funny ensemble. and you should have seen my boss's reaction which was equal parts incredulity and hilarity. B was disappointed i didn't even take one picture. he needed a good laugh. but i just might get around to remaking it for my blog. hmmm.

i woke up early to get to the mall and grab some stuff. i needed to look pale, so i was scouring for a good porcelain finish foundation. i also needed some jet black eyeliner, a ruby red lip gloss and pink shimmery blush.

i ended up with these ultra-fab finds and i just dished out around Php 600.00. can you believe my good luck?! ooh la la.

1. E.L.F. Mineral Foundation in Fair, Php 299.00
2. E.L.F. All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade, Php 129.75
- i was a bit hesitant with the color, it appears to be a dark, fuchsia shade. but when i swatched it, it kinda looks familiar. a NARS Orgasm dupe perhaps? will post later. :)
3. Nichido Liquid Eyeliner, Php 68.00
- yes, frigging Php 68.00! it's the cheapest one there is, but it's such a solid product that it's a kikay kit staple. the applicator is soft and thin, the packaging saves a lot of space, and the product can last. super duper fab deal here.
4. Fashion 21 Color Lip Gloss in Shade #3, Php 100.00
- possibly my favorite discovery. it looks exactly red, so i picked it up to layer over my Nyx Snow White to get that perfect Mulan princess pout. but it takes on a pink tinge when applied. anyway, it's just for the shiny glossy effect, so i bought it anyway. i didn't plan on using it after our crazy day but can you believe it, it lasted almost 3-4 hours on my first try. it's too good to be true. i just love these cheap makeup/wonderful effects discoveries.

i'm also thinking about buying more E.L.F. products. they're quite affordable, and the shades look wearable. probably next shopping spree. cases in point: some rad reviews for E.L.F. Blush in Candid Coral (posted on temptalia as a NARS Orgasm dupe) and Tcikled Pink. we'll see.

hope you had a good august,

ps. i'll post pictures later. i haven't really gotten around to unloading my corby's memory card. whew!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

my favorite relaxation songs

jack johnson and jason mraz are two of my musical heroes. when i think of r&r, i always imagine the background music to be either of these two amazing, amazing, amazing, did i say amazing, songs.

this is not the album version though, but jason mraz still rocks. woohoo!

if somebody would sing these songs to me, i'd probably die. i'm just listening on youtube because B is busy playing games on my iPod. shucks, how romantic can you get.

chill night with B, it sucks coz he has to work tomorrow.

have fun listening to these and stay red yow!

zen zest perfume in thistle: cooler than cool water woman?

i ran out of my trusty everyday Penshoppe Flirt eau de parfum. it smells great, and it's super affordable, but it's just a too little bottle. time to go look for a replacement scent!

B and i were in sm yesterday toy shopping when we passed by the Zen Zest stall. i've smelled their perfume in Tangerine from a friend and decided to get my own. but i went home with this baby instead...

the saleslady kept on pushing me to buy from their range. it costs Php 200.00 for the big bottle plus you get a small bottle for free. but what got me was when she mentioned that Thistle was a dupe for Davidoff's Cool Water Woman. i must say that that sealed the deal.

smell is light and not overpowering. packaging is a sweet pink. plus i got a mini bottle of Tangerine (a sweet smell really.). what's not to love? i think this is a signature scent in the making. will definitely keep coming back to this.

stay red,

MAC venomous villains: oh so poisonous

MAC is featuring a new collection in collaboration with Disney. as a true-blue Disney fanatic, this is makeup nirvana. the MAC Venomous Villains Collection is to-die-for, we just don't have it here in cebu.

i flipped over to Temptalia for the juicy details, and i'm in love with the whole range. my favorite would have to be the Evil Queen collection, featuring the poison apple-wielding queen. it's the fairest of them all, i have to say.

check out these pics i got from Temptalia...

fellow beauty blogger Ariel thinks that packaging is tacky. i don't at all. i think it's great! what do you think?

MAC Evil Queen Lipglass in Strange Potion(L) and Hot House (R). hot house is hot!

MAC Evil Queen Lipstick in Sinister and Toxic Tale. me likes sinister much! it doesn't look delectable but it looks great on lips...

and this is my favorite of them all: MAC Blush in Bite of An Apple. i can't get enough of blushes... sheesh...

having this collection would be my happily ever after... yum!

stay red,

ps. karen from my favorite makeup and beauty blog of all time, also did a post on this one. click HERE to catch some juicy tidbits about the MAC Venomous Villains Collection!

Nyx Lip Swatches

i'm a huge fan of NYX Round Lipsticks because they're such good, trusty lip colors for the price range. they glide on smoothly, and are absolutely creamy and there is a wide variety of shades to choose from. although it's not great for long-term wear as the color stays on my smackers for around 3 hours max, it's perfect for everyday perk-me-ups.

to date, i have 4 tubes in my kit. i do want more, but i wanted to try other lip products from other brands as well and that's why i don't have as many as i want to. besides, i'm still a noob in this makeup junkie world and 4 tubes is a good start. this range is a must-have for any makeup junkie, i'm sure.

i got my NYX Lippies from my makeup supplier over in FB, Yunique Shop. they're quite cheap, i wonder why they're not available in stores and such.

anyhow, on to my swatches! as i said, i currently have 4 tubes.

from l-r: Snow White, Tea Rose, Thalia and Hebe

Snow White - a gorgeous, bloody red great for elegant nights out or formal occasions. paired with toned down eye and cheek makeup, this would up the hotness scale by gazillions. turns you to instant vampirella babe.

Tea Rose - a sweet pink for casual afternoons with B

Thalia - an almost nude pink with blue tones great for corporate wear

here's a pic of me wearing Thalia...

Hebe - a deep fuchsia/red shade with shimmer that i alternate with Thalia for office days. i was a bit hesitant with this one because of the frosting, but it's great on lips.

my faves? Tea Rose...

and Snow White! here's a pic of me wearing absolutely no makeup except for Snow White. funny, i just woke up in this pic. where's my prince?!

i'm definitely ordering more Nyx lippies, around 2 or 3 a month! coming up, Circe! can't wait...

stay red!

Monday, August 9, 2010


...giveaway! i ain't posting anything alcohol-related up here yo! :P

anyhoo, the lovely bailey of I Know All The Words is hosting a huge giveaway that ends on september 7th. (lot's of time for you all to head over to her site by clicking HERE and go ahead and enter right?!)

what's up for grabs? check these lovelies out...

♥ two lovely books - "Oh La La Perfect Hair" and "Oh La La Perfect Makeup"
♥ a Mario Badescu Travel set with Summer Shine Lotion, AHA Botanical Body Soap, and Hydrating Hand Cream
♥ St. Ives Restore 24 Hour Moisture Advanced Body Moisturizer
♥ Upper Canada Soap All About Feet Peppermint Warming Foot Scrub
♥ Philosophy Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath and Shower Gel (Mini)
♥ Pantene Medium-Thick Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner (Travel Size)
♥ Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Makeup Remover + Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
♥ ELF Tools Mechanical Eyelash Curler
♥ Essie nail polish #90 Really Red
♥ a Very Cherry Pedicure Set
♥ Quo All Over Colour Stick in Venus
♥ Quo Jumbo Lipgloss Stick in Pink Petal
♥ Avon Super Extend Mascara
♥ Avon Super-Curlacious Mascara - wanna try this one!
♥ Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in Khaki
♥ Nail Art stones
♥ Cake Winter Wonderlips Lipgloss in Ginerbread
♥ Smackers F'Lip Juicees in Sugar Splash
♥ NYC Lip Sliders Tinted Lip Balm in Sugar Fairy
♥ "Beauty Rest" Sleep Mask
♥ Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Pearls eye shadows in Tantalizing Teal and Silver Starlet
♥ Maybelline Eye Studio Quads in Copper Chic, Sapphire Siren, and Spirited Seas
♥ Baskin Robbins Vanilla Ice Cream Hard Candies
♥ and it all comes in a super cute "Recyling" Tatoo canvas tote!

so what are you all waiting for? go on and follow bailey, and get a chance to win this super cool loot!

stay red,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

i love-a to sing...but i can't. boo.

i can't sing to save my life and it has never been a problem until i heard this cover of gabe bondoc and jen chung.

why oh why was i not born a singer like owl jolson?!

NARS + Stila wishlist

after B, i guess my second love would be have to be makeup. and oh my lordie, i just can't get enough of the lovely products out there. i'm totally in love with my NARS Orgasm that i knew i just had to have more of the blushes from NARS. thank god for suppliers like mine, who offered to get me my NARS blushes at a discount. even though they're cheek heaven, they're just not good for your pocket.

i checked out the NARS website and am now officially lusting for these:

NARS in Nico - natural shade for a natural glow

NARS in Desire - a cotton candy pink for a sweet blush

me thinks of just buying one shade a month. that way i won't get broke and i won't get tired of them right away? just thinking.

i also checked out some Stila makeup after Karen of the Makeup and Beauty Blog posted a great review of the Stila Custom Color Blush.

the color isn't something i would normally want to put (i don't really feel the shade.) on my cheeks but after reading all the sci-fi descriptions and seeing the turnout on Karen's morena skin, i want to try it out for myself. i can't wait for the Stila section in the local mall to stock up on these. that would probably take months, but that only means i can still save up for it.

i'm also setting my sights on these other lovelies:
♥ NARS bronzing brush - the dome shape is just beautiful and i'm betting it would turn out great for me!
♥ Dashing Diva in Hell's Kitchen & Park Avenue Mistress - more red please.
♥ Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Caprice, Fiery & Petal - Fiery is another red that i would love to add to my red lippy collection. Caprice is a Barbie pink shade, and Petal would go great with my Nyx Tea Rose.
♥ OPI in Affair in Red Square & Malaga Wine - i just can't get enough of dark/blood red polish. i think it's the sexiest color out there.
♥ The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist - pure sakura love. it sort of reminds me of my anime addiction days and mysteriously makes me feel like i'm a katana wielding character from Samurai X.
♥ Folded & Hung Fragrances in Stargazer or Ingenue - F&H has such affordable perfumes that i guess i'll be heading over this weekend to get my own bottles. i especially adore Stargazer because of its shimmer particles suspended in the perfume. so pretty.

*sigh* the list just goes on and on. if B knew about my beloved blog, he'd probably take note of this one and be my santa.

stay red,

huge giveaway from elle of the ball

Elle is hosting a huge giveaway at her site, Ell of the Ball, A Day in the Life of Elle. head over there by clicking on her site title to check out the lovely details.

up for grabs:

♥ a pink Poppy leather wristlet
♥ a set of Coach Poppy pencils
♥ Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #1 Nude Beige
♥ Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier in Black
♥ Chanel Tan de Soleil
♥ Vera Wang Princess Body Wash and Body Lotion
♥ Smashbox Wicked Lovely Blush in Charm
♥ some cute nail polishes from OPI, Sally Hansen and Zoya
♥ Lush Snow Fairy shower gel

fingers crossed to win this beauty loot! you gotta love Elle for this one... makes me think of hosting a giveaway myself too!

stay red,

pretty as peaches giveaway

Pretty as Peaches, a blog about everything pretty is hosting a giveaway. up for grabs, a MAC Skin Finish in Stereo Rose, which is a beautiful shade that i adore.

head over to her site to check out the deets.

when Jason Mraz broke my heart

i've been in love with Jason Mraz longer than i've been in love with B or Burt's Bees. i love his carefree attitude, his music, his coolness, his blog, his advocacies, his philosophies and his charming good looks.

Sometimes you just get to loving someone (or something) and nothing one can hold you back. It’s like the brain is raining neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin on its own and life is in a constant post-orgasmic state. - Freshness Factor Five Thousand

in one of his recent posts titled Feeling Rainbow Bright, Not Literally, J (feeling close much?) talks about how his newfound love makes him feel and the wonders of being intimate with your special other.

i could practically feel my heart shattering into a million imaginary pieces, but that's just me being melodramatic. i'm happy for my ultimate music idol finally lucking out at finding someone just like me getting lucky with B.

Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Ximena SariƱana. spanish always makes it more romantic don't you think?

i will still love you forever Jason but not as much as i love my B,

how well do you know your partner

i've recently taken to browsing every spare minute i have at work. we're *not* allowed to view all those sites that we want to view, else i'd open just about all my favorite blogs and read to my heart's content. there's this clause that states we can only use our internet resources in connection with our business blah blah blah. i feel terribly cut off from the outside world at work, so i just go ahead and view under the pretext that i need some latest updates on world news. yeah, right.

it worked anyway.

i was viewing oprah's segment at the site, and took a survey titled 'How Well Do You Know Your Partner'. i had no idea that it was for married couples, but with my B in mind, i took it anyway and just answered some yes/no questions about our relationship.

that's me and B at Mr. A's Coffee Shop somewhere in Busay. romantic much?

You know your partner very well and have a great marriage.

really now? i know that these surveys can't really get the gist of how solid a relationship is, but it's a good start. i could care less about what's going on at work (all i know is that he prints stuff for a job), or who his favorite relatives are, or what his problems are right now (his beer belly?). what's important is that i know all the little things that make our relationship work. and besides, it's the minute details, those little things that people sometimes take for granted, that make or break a relationship.

i know for a fact that B's favorite food is maja blanca. he also loves frappuccinos. B is a human dalmatian, and thinks he looks like john lloyd cruz. his perfume is Oxygen Gas, which i introduced him to and i also know about his kikay kit, which i gave to him. i can tell when he's pissed off, when he's mad at me, and i can make him laugh when i want to. he snores when he sleeps, and his shoe size is 8 1/2.

7 months is too short a time to get to know someone deeply, but i feel like it's been years! i guess i can own that we both know each other extremely well at this point. love you B!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the things i did to make my blog look what it looks like now

1. i knew i wanted a red-black-white color scheme for my blog so i began by choosing a nice red shade and copying the code - #c70b0b, as well as a nice gray shade to go with it.

2. i wanted to have a nice font for my blog. so i searched for good fonts all over the net, not to mention my truckload of fonts in my lappy. for my post titles, i used Caviar Dreams from for my main page text, i just went with something generic, Verdana, so as not to be an eyesore. a splash of cool fonts here and there look so much neater.

3. i then spent hours trying to customize my chosen fonts on my blog. i finally found a very helpful tutorial over at

4. i also wanted to customize my widget titles so i searched for a tutorial to teach me just that. my lifesaver came from

5. to start customizing my widget, i searched for a nice red and black pattern. i then did the most tedious task of editing each title using adobe photoshop cs3. it took me hours to do that, and then i uploaded them to my site and edited a few kinks here and there.

6. i cleaned my posts by setting my text alignment to justified. again, i had no idea how so go google. by now, i realized Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V were really good friends.

7. i also aligned my badges by setting them to center mode.

8. i tested out my links, and relearned my hyperlink codes and customized my hover link colors, and pretty much obsessed about my links for a few minutes.

and i guess that's about it. it sounds so easy but it took me about four hours to do all this. i'm such a noob.

anyhow, my blog cleanup duties just aren't about finished though...
♥ center-align my post titles. how could i forget?!
♥ i also need a blog post divider.
♥ and a signature.
♥ a pretty header too.
♥ rounded picture frames for all my photos on my blog.
♥ and i might just go ahead and add some ads.

career much? i'd settle for sleepy much right now.

sweet dreams, yet again,

pimp my blog part 1

who ever knew designing a good-looking blog was a lot of work? i bow down to all graphic designers out there for coming up with such awesome looking blogs. how the heck do you guys do it? you must be such geniuses or else the rest of us ignorant in the language of graphic design must be really stupid. after hours and hours of clacking away on the keyboard and trying every known word combination about blog design starting with the words 'how to customize', i feel utterly humbled that this was all i could cough up.

i don't feel that bad though. i was never the programmer type. although i do remember getting extremely high scores back in javascript and html and css courses in high school, it seems as though all my programming knowledge has leaked out over the years. at least my result for today isn't too shabby huh?

i've been feeling rather depressed at my lack of graphic design skills every time i would open my blog page. i just wanted to tidy it up a bit, so every free time i could spare at work, i surfed the net for tutorials on how to prettify an otherwise boring and ugly blog.

i've been slaving for hours now, and my back hurts. i really need to get some sleep, but i couldn't help sharing what i've done today. i've had several crash courses on the net, and my blog doesn't look to shabby anymore! there's still a lot of work to do but at least i've accomplished something.

♥ for tips on how to improve your blog's look, you could do a google or visit (just click on the badge in my sidebar.)

♥ for cute and absolutely free fonts, you could also check out or (again, just check out the badges in my sidebar.)

♥ it also doesn't hurt to be familiar with adobe photoshop, some basic html, and an idea on how you want your blog to look like.

♥ for ignoramos like myself, there are a lot of resources you could consult. never underestimate the power of google and resourcefulness. i started from absolutely nothing and look how my blog is starting to look good! ;)

more to come:
-a good header
-pretty picture frames
-music and video embedding in blogs
-and my own signature!

and now to sleep!

sweet red dreams,

a washed-out wednesday

it rained again today, just when i was about to head over to the mall to bring B some snacks (his office is just across a mall, can you frigging believe that?!) and pick up some goodies from my makeup supplier. B had a last-minute meeting though, so i ditched the snacks and went straight to my meetup. i picked up two new shades of my favorite Nyx Lippies, Hebe which is a sparkly dark fuchsia, and Tea Rose, a light shade of pink. i can't wait to swatch and try out my new lippies, but that will have to wait because as of now, nothing else touches my lips except Burt's Bees and Brad's Bees.

my makeup supplier carla, from the Yunique Shop over at facebook, also brought her onhand wares along with the preorders. it's one thing i love about this shop, you can just view the different makeup brand sites and order stuff for a fee and then she'll have it shipped to cebu. some makeup brands can't be procured in our little city, so having a supplier like carla is a huge sigh of relief for makeup junkies like myself who otherwise can't get their grubby paws on international brands. anyway carla had some other stuff that i now want to try out as well. i just have to do a little background research...

♥ it's one thing to look at lippy shades on the net, and a totally different experience trying it out for real. Nyx Round Lipstick in Circe looks pale on shade charts but otherwise looks like THE nude shade for me. i can't wait for my own tube this coming end of august.

♥ another kikayholic also recommended the Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Plumper in Sand Castle as a solid lip plumper/gloss. i like the shade, but i really don't need a lip plumper or gloss because i have naturally plump lips and i have no plans of doing an angelina jolie-esque pout. (i'd look like a japanes koi.)

♥ Nyx has a new addition to their happy family of lip products. enter the Nyx Tinted Lip Spa, which is just fatter version of the round lipstick line. i have yet to browse around the web for reviews and such, but i'm lusting for two shades, Sake and Hush.

♥ i also got to try out a Nars Orgasm dupe in Milani Luminous. carla is still looking for a source, and i already cannot wait. impatient much?

okay enough about makeup for the day.

the early evening found me over at B's place to pick him up for dinner. (really.) and i just realized that i kind of miss quality time with my number one guy that i had so much fun applying my Burt's Bees on his brace-chapped lips. (i just can't get over the peppermint tingle.) i'm quite excited for all our future travels together because guess what, we both get regularized at work on the same day! can you believe the coincidence? it's another 'jai ho' moment for us. we've also planned to have the same vacation leaves. sweet huh? you can't help but feel the 'kilig' rush.

it's still my second day of work for the week and already i can't wait for the weekend. it's toy shopping with B this friday or saturday, and then a movie marathon that i hope won't be squashed. watch out for my nyx swatches and my nars orgasm try outs.

stay red and in love always,

Monday, August 2, 2010

mini NARS/Burt's Bees haul + wish list

so i went to the mall yesterday and ended up splurging on some stuff again. this time, i ended up with a new super love blush in NARS Orgasm. it may sound cliche but it's every bang worth your buck. and it doesn't come cheap either.

NARS Orgasm is this peachy pink shade with hints of shimmer. after testing it, i just look naturally flushed without going overboard. the blush doesn't look all that nice in the pan, but it's gorgeous once you apply it. and so without any second thoughts about how expensive it was (gulp!), i got my own pan, with a NARS Concealer Stick in Praline too. i'll show you guys some pics when i buy a memory card reader.

i also visited Beauty Bar yesterday during my splurge fest and got my own tube of cult-favorite Burt's Bees Lip Balm (the original). seriously, i can't imagine how the other flavors would go when the original is too good to be true. i absolutely adore the peppermint sting a few moments after you apply it, i love the cute yellow packaging (it was a toss up between the cute tube and the uber-cute tin but i find the tube more convenient.), and i'm crazy about the lasting moisturizing effect and the fact that it doesn't taste anything at all. plus, it's all natural and the packaging comes from recycled plastic. what's not to like and love about this baby?

ending up with these lovely products did much damage to my budget but that didn't stop me from setting my sights on some other lovelies too. when the next paycheck arrives, it's a beeline for these:

1. NARS Blush in Nico - it's a natural peach shade, which aside from peachy pink, i also hoard up on. it's a total coincidence that it's the same name as my good friend, but i really want to have this baby too.

2. Model Co. Cheek + Lips in Rose Red - i'm a huge fan of lip and cheek tints and this is the top of the food chain in that department. i tested some on my hand and it lasted that whole afternoon and evening! with that staying power, i cannot not have one tube. the pink/white packaging is super chic too. but for all it's worth, the pocket damage is serious!

3. Canus Goat's Milk Lip Balm - certified lip balm addict that i am, i also cannot turn a blind eye to good balms that are affordable. if you can't go the extra mile for a tube of Bees, then go for this one.

more to come:
- my new Nyx Lippies in Hebe and Tea Rose
- my favorite new local brand
- starting an addiction to face masks and spa treatments
- and food sampling at Tablea and Japengo

stay red with lots of mwahs,


all the hype about evelyn salt is rightly justified. angelina jolie is one hot momma. would she want to adopt me if she wants to have a filipino added to her brood? we are a thrid-world country after all.

B and i just decided to watch salt after going to church, since it was my day off. B and my favorite popcorn ever, Tater's, are the perfect company. add to that a good, action-packed movie, and you have a great recipe for a good time.

it's not like it would blow your mind off, but still, it's worth watching with your man. i was torn between having a crush on salt myself or getting worried B might make me do a salt. needless to say, i want her hairstyle for myself.

Friday, July 30, 2010

etude house mini loot and myoh blues

B and i went to the mall today to make our own pair of havaianas, just to beat the crowd tomorrow. but we ended up not getting anything at all because of availability issues. we wanted red top soles with black top straps, but black straps were only available for men's sizes. the only black straps available for women were the ones with glow in the dark havaianas letters. eek! i was seriously disappointed because we'd been waiting for myoh for months. boohoo.

i was really sad about not getting our own unique pair, but when we passed by the newly opened Etude House, i made a beeline for the doors directly. there were a lot of ladies browsing the racks, so i only ended up with the eyelash curler, which is what i really needed anyway. i'll be reviewing it soon.

i wish i could blog more, but i'm in the office right now and we're not really allowed to post blogs here. something about using our internet access for work-related stuff. but i can't really work well unless i blog about this right? just to be safe, i'll keep this short and sweet for the security camera behind my back.

more to come: new products i absolutely love from Human Nature!

stay red always,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

upcoming movies!

i almost fell out of my seat when i saw these trailers and i can't wait to buy advanced tickets and watch them both in 3D, probably in IMAX if my pocket allows me. hehe.

the first part of deathly hallows releases this coming November, and the last one next July. i'm rereading book 7 just to prepare my brains for this one. super love!

and of course, this one too:

narnia isn't as popular as harry potter, even though it's just as good. and unlike hp, the movies aren't too bad. coming in December.

other movies i'll be watching:
- Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. i'll be watching next week with my friends from work.
- The Last Airbender. i'm still curious about this because my kuya loves the cartoon series. even though they say it sucks, i want to find out for myself.

watch out for reviews later on!

stay red,

*click on the pictures for a link to the trailers!*


directed by film genius christopher nolan and starring the sizzling hot leonardo dicaprio and my favorite ellen paige, this blockbuster is every frame worth your money. it’s one of those films that totally absorb you into its own universe. a bit long though. but it’s brilliant, and action-packed. i always appreciate a movie that has brains.

B and i were supposed to watch m. night shyamalan’s the last airbender but when i read the horrible reviews and heard the good comments about inception, we switched at the last minute. i wouldn’t know if we did the right choice with watching inception until i see airbender, but this is one good movie. and i love the surprise ending.

have you watched Inception? if not, you've missed half your life! :)

stay red,

maybelline lash stiletto

Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara claims to be the hottest thing that your lashes will wear. according to the Maybelline website, it does to your lashes what stilettos do to your feet, which i have no inkling what exactly. (i'm not such a huge fan of stilettos.)

as quoted from the website:
- The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
- Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
- Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
- Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested

when my online makeup supplier in Facebook, Yunique Shop, got this product available, i did some research. i found lots of good reviews so i immediately ordered one tube since i love the Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara. lesson learned: brands cannot be entirely trusted.

anyway, on to my findings:
i love this product because...
...the wand is absolutely wonderful. the clump-free claim is so so so true.
...lash length is definitely improved. doesn't smear much or run off when i wash my face, unlike other brands i know that run like ink when hit with water. subtly dramatizes your lashes. i can't really pinpoint a hug difference, but i know something looks better with my lashes.

i don't like this product because... doesn't hold up the curl unlike Volume Express.

this product was a major disappointment for me, even though the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't hold the curl. being born with thick and long lashes, i don't really need mascara that much. some people have even commented that i always look like i'm wearing falsies. BUT! i have ramrod straight lashes that need all the help just to look curled. that's why i prefer mascaras that can hold the curl. i probably won't repurchase, and i'm using it to lengthen my lashes on top of Volume Express.
it's still a bargain though, it cost me Php380.00.

have any of you used Lash Stiletto? how did it work for you?

stay red,

*will definitely post a picture of me wearing the product sometime*
*picture from Maybelline website*

etude house wishlist

as my first post, i'll be writing about one of my loves in life. and no, i'm not talking about my boyfriend. i'm talking about makeup! it's every girl's real best friend, because i wholeheartedly believe that every girl has the animal right to make herself beautiful. so go makeup.

the popular korean cosmetics brand Etude House recently opened a new branch in our local mall here in cebu. i haven't visited sm in months, and i only read about this in ate mikki's blog. (one of my faves, oh yes!) i did some background research on the products, and here's a list of what i'm currently lusting for from their product lines:

1. Lovely Cookie Blush in Rose or Lovely Pink

2. Dear Darling Lip Tint in Berry Red

3. Eyelash Curler

4. Blush Brush

i'm not sure what i'll end up with when i finally exit Etude House this weekend, but i sure do hope it won't damage my pocket too much! :) just to be safe, i'll bring my boyfriend along to try and stop me.

do you guys know any good reviews or products from Etude House? lemme know!

stay red,

*all photos from Etude House website*