Sunday, August 8, 2010

when Jason Mraz broke my heart

i've been in love with Jason Mraz longer than i've been in love with B or Burt's Bees. i love his carefree attitude, his music, his coolness, his blog, his advocacies, his philosophies and his charming good looks.

Sometimes you just get to loving someone (or something) and nothing one can hold you back. It’s like the brain is raining neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin on its own and life is in a constant post-orgasmic state. - Freshness Factor Five Thousand

in one of his recent posts titled Feeling Rainbow Bright, Not Literally, J (feeling close much?) talks about how his newfound love makes him feel and the wonders of being intimate with your special other.

i could practically feel my heart shattering into a million imaginary pieces, but that's just me being melodramatic. i'm happy for my ultimate music idol finally lucking out at finding someone just like me getting lucky with B.

Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Ximena SariƱana. spanish always makes it more romantic don't you think?

i will still love you forever Jason but not as much as i love my B,

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