Sunday, August 8, 2010

how well do you know your partner

i've recently taken to browsing every spare minute i have at work. we're *not* allowed to view all those sites that we want to view, else i'd open just about all my favorite blogs and read to my heart's content. there's this clause that states we can only use our internet resources in connection with our business blah blah blah. i feel terribly cut off from the outside world at work, so i just go ahead and view under the pretext that i need some latest updates on world news. yeah, right.

it worked anyway.

i was viewing oprah's segment at the site, and took a survey titled 'How Well Do You Know Your Partner'. i had no idea that it was for married couples, but with my B in mind, i took it anyway and just answered some yes/no questions about our relationship.

that's me and B at Mr. A's Coffee Shop somewhere in Busay. romantic much?

You know your partner very well and have a great marriage.

really now? i know that these surveys can't really get the gist of how solid a relationship is, but it's a good start. i could care less about what's going on at work (all i know is that he prints stuff for a job), or who his favorite relatives are, or what his problems are right now (his beer belly?). what's important is that i know all the little things that make our relationship work. and besides, it's the minute details, those little things that people sometimes take for granted, that make or break a relationship.

i know for a fact that B's favorite food is maja blanca. he also loves frappuccinos. B is a human dalmatian, and thinks he looks like john lloyd cruz. his perfume is Oxygen Gas, which i introduced him to and i also know about his kikay kit, which i gave to him. i can tell when he's pissed off, when he's mad at me, and i can make him laugh when i want to. he snores when he sleeps, and his shoe size is 8 1/2.

7 months is too short a time to get to know someone deeply, but i feel like it's been years! i guess i can own that we both know each other extremely well at this point. love you B!

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