Saturday, August 28, 2010

august 27 makeup loot

ack! i've been so out of it for the past two weeks or so. last i checked in, it was the middle of august. and now it's about to end, heralding the start of the -ber season and more importantly, Christmas festivites and cheer. (yes, Christmas season starts on the -ber months here at home!)

i haven't had any new products to try, because i've been blissfully in love with my NARS Orgasm blush, but when we had a Heroes Crazy Costume Day at work, i just had to have some new stuff. i picked Mulan as my hero, because i had this amjbitious idea of showing up to be a Chinese princess but i ended up looking like a giant sushi plate which consisted of a grand disaster in the form of an old red bathrobe over an old white night gown, black tights, black flats and a black sash.

you should have seen my face though, which was the only saving grace of my funny ensemble. and you should have seen my boss's reaction which was equal parts incredulity and hilarity. B was disappointed i didn't even take one picture. he needed a good laugh. but i just might get around to remaking it for my blog. hmmm.

i woke up early to get to the mall and grab some stuff. i needed to look pale, so i was scouring for a good porcelain finish foundation. i also needed some jet black eyeliner, a ruby red lip gloss and pink shimmery blush.

i ended up with these ultra-fab finds and i just dished out around Php 600.00. can you believe my good luck?! ooh la la.

1. E.L.F. Mineral Foundation in Fair, Php 299.00
2. E.L.F. All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade, Php 129.75
- i was a bit hesitant with the color, it appears to be a dark, fuchsia shade. but when i swatched it, it kinda looks familiar. a NARS Orgasm dupe perhaps? will post later. :)
3. Nichido Liquid Eyeliner, Php 68.00
- yes, frigging Php 68.00! it's the cheapest one there is, but it's such a solid product that it's a kikay kit staple. the applicator is soft and thin, the packaging saves a lot of space, and the product can last. super duper fab deal here.
4. Fashion 21 Color Lip Gloss in Shade #3, Php 100.00
- possibly my favorite discovery. it looks exactly red, so i picked it up to layer over my Nyx Snow White to get that perfect Mulan princess pout. but it takes on a pink tinge when applied. anyway, it's just for the shiny glossy effect, so i bought it anyway. i didn't plan on using it after our crazy day but can you believe it, it lasted almost 3-4 hours on my first try. it's too good to be true. i just love these cheap makeup/wonderful effects discoveries.

i'm also thinking about buying more E.L.F. products. they're quite affordable, and the shades look wearable. probably next shopping spree. cases in point: some rad reviews for E.L.F. Blush in Candid Coral (posted on temptalia as a NARS Orgasm dupe) and Tcikled Pink. we'll see.

hope you had a good august,

ps. i'll post pictures later. i haven't really gotten around to unloading my corby's memory card. whew!

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