Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a washed-out wednesday

it rained again today, just when i was about to head over to the mall to bring B some snacks (his office is just across a mall, can you frigging believe that?!) and pick up some goodies from my makeup supplier. B had a last-minute meeting though, so i ditched the snacks and went straight to my meetup. i picked up two new shades of my favorite Nyx Lippies, Hebe which is a sparkly dark fuchsia, and Tea Rose, a light shade of pink. i can't wait to swatch and try out my new lippies, but that will have to wait because as of now, nothing else touches my lips except Burt's Bees and Brad's Bees.

my makeup supplier carla, from the Yunique Shop over at facebook, also brought her onhand wares along with the preorders. it's one thing i love about this shop, you can just view the different makeup brand sites and order stuff for a fee and then she'll have it shipped to cebu. some makeup brands can't be procured in our little city, so having a supplier like carla is a huge sigh of relief for makeup junkies like myself who otherwise can't get their grubby paws on international brands. anyway carla had some other stuff that i now want to try out as well. i just have to do a little background research...

♥ it's one thing to look at lippy shades on the net, and a totally different experience trying it out for real. Nyx Round Lipstick in Circe looks pale on shade charts but otherwise looks like THE nude shade for me. i can't wait for my own tube this coming end of august.

♥ another kikayholic also recommended the Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Plumper in Sand Castle as a solid lip plumper/gloss. i like the shade, but i really don't need a lip plumper or gloss because i have naturally plump lips and i have no plans of doing an angelina jolie-esque pout. (i'd look like a japanes koi.)

♥ Nyx has a new addition to their happy family of lip products. enter the Nyx Tinted Lip Spa, which is just fatter version of the round lipstick line. i have yet to browse around the web for reviews and such, but i'm lusting for two shades, Sake and Hush.

♥ i also got to try out a Nars Orgasm dupe in Milani Luminous. carla is still looking for a source, and i already cannot wait. impatient much?

okay enough about makeup for the day.

the early evening found me over at B's place to pick him up for dinner. (really.) and i just realized that i kind of miss quality time with my number one guy that i had so much fun applying my Burt's Bees on his brace-chapped lips. (i just can't get over the peppermint tingle.) i'm quite excited for all our future travels together because guess what, we both get regularized at work on the same day! can you believe the coincidence? it's another 'jai ho' moment for us. we've also planned to have the same vacation leaves. sweet huh? you can't help but feel the 'kilig' rush.

it's still my second day of work for the week and already i can't wait for the weekend. it's toy shopping with B this friday or saturday, and then a movie marathon that i hope won't be squashed. watch out for my nyx swatches and my nars orgasm try outs.

stay red and in love always,

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