Sunday, August 15, 2010

MAC venomous villains: oh so poisonous

MAC is featuring a new collection in collaboration with Disney. as a true-blue Disney fanatic, this is makeup nirvana. the MAC Venomous Villains Collection is to-die-for, we just don't have it here in cebu.

i flipped over to Temptalia for the juicy details, and i'm in love with the whole range. my favorite would have to be the Evil Queen collection, featuring the poison apple-wielding queen. it's the fairest of them all, i have to say.

check out these pics i got from Temptalia...

fellow beauty blogger Ariel thinks that packaging is tacky. i don't at all. i think it's great! what do you think?

MAC Evil Queen Lipglass in Strange Potion(L) and Hot House (R). hot house is hot!

MAC Evil Queen Lipstick in Sinister and Toxic Tale. me likes sinister much! it doesn't look delectable but it looks great on lips...

and this is my favorite of them all: MAC Blush in Bite of An Apple. i can't get enough of blushes... sheesh...

having this collection would be my happily ever after... yum!

stay red,

ps. karen from my favorite makeup and beauty blog of all time, also did a post on this one. click HERE to catch some juicy tidbits about the MAC Venomous Villains Collection!

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  1. I love blush, too! I have so many (click on the link below and scroll down to 'blush collection') but I keep on buying more...
    I'm having trouble following. The gadget thing wasn't working for me so I've tried through the navbar. I hope it works.