Monday, August 30, 2010

long weekend alert

this morning, i finally had the spare time to visit the salon and have my nails cleaned. what with spending all my free time with B or catching sleep or sometimes both, i only had the spare hour today.

my nails have grown really long in just two weeks. i have naturally short nails so i tend to grow them out a bit, but it was getting out of hand. probably one of the reasons i haven't had the heart to blog as long nails make typing such a chore. and just to save myself the dilemma of choosing what nail polish color to wear, i decided to go neat with just a colorless manicure and a warm mocha pedi.

i feel incredibly deprived of a good weekend. my shift schedule changed today, from a sunday-monday rest to a friday-saturday, party-friendly and boyfriend-friendly weekly off. i'm really looking forward to my first friday night out in months! B says he's parched from abstaining from beer and t-ice for too long. hehe.

i'm also quite excited for my long weekend. aside from getting friday and saturday off, i filed a personal leave for sunday, and we get monday off because it's a canadian holiday of some sort. (labor day, me thinks) plus, i have to report for duty on tuesday nigh. that means i get a much deserved and well earned four days ++ to spend with B. but that's not the only thing i'm looking forward to...

1. Creamy's Birthday Bash
- workmate Creamy's birthday is tomorrow (happy yappy birthday madam!) and she's throwing a bash this saturday. aside from the joyous notion that Creamy's house is a convenient 5-minute stroll from my crib, she's also a great cook. looking forward to yummy carbonara, sing-along with friends, and a fun time with co-workers.

2. Catching up on Blogs, and Sleep
- i get to sleep to my heart's content this weekend, but i'm definitely not spending the entire four days hogging off. i have a lot of blogging to do, particularly posting pictures for my blog.

3. Tagay Session with B
- B and i bonded over beer and t-ice. for the past 5 months i think, it's been total abstinence. i wonder how we held out so long. a few bottles by moonlight in my garden is a very simple way of quality time with my man. can't wait!

4. and possibly some shopping, i i have the cash to spare...
- those E.L.F. blushes can't get out of my head. waah! plus, i'm thinking of ordering Nyx Blush in Pinched. (another NARS Orgasm dupe posted on temptalia.)

really, the only thought dragging me through the week will be this loooong weekend. don't you just love that? i do.

hope you have a nice weekend too. i'm sure i will.

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