Wednesday, August 4, 2010

pimp my blog part 1

who ever knew designing a good-looking blog was a lot of work? i bow down to all graphic designers out there for coming up with such awesome looking blogs. how the heck do you guys do it? you must be such geniuses or else the rest of us ignorant in the language of graphic design must be really stupid. after hours and hours of clacking away on the keyboard and trying every known word combination about blog design starting with the words 'how to customize', i feel utterly humbled that this was all i could cough up.

i don't feel that bad though. i was never the programmer type. although i do remember getting extremely high scores back in javascript and html and css courses in high school, it seems as though all my programming knowledge has leaked out over the years. at least my result for today isn't too shabby huh?

i've been feeling rather depressed at my lack of graphic design skills every time i would open my blog page. i just wanted to tidy it up a bit, so every free time i could spare at work, i surfed the net for tutorials on how to prettify an otherwise boring and ugly blog.

i've been slaving for hours now, and my back hurts. i really need to get some sleep, but i couldn't help sharing what i've done today. i've had several crash courses on the net, and my blog doesn't look to shabby anymore! there's still a lot of work to do but at least i've accomplished something.

♥ for tips on how to improve your blog's look, you could do a google or visit (just click on the badge in my sidebar.)

♥ for cute and absolutely free fonts, you could also check out or (again, just check out the badges in my sidebar.)

♥ it also doesn't hurt to be familiar with adobe photoshop, some basic html, and an idea on how you want your blog to look like.

♥ for ignoramos like myself, there are a lot of resources you could consult. never underestimate the power of google and resourcefulness. i started from absolutely nothing and look how my blog is starting to look good! ;)

more to come:
-a good header
-pretty picture frames
-music and video embedding in blogs
-and my own signature!

and now to sleep!

sweet red dreams,

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