Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the things i did to make my blog look what it looks like now

1. i knew i wanted a red-black-white color scheme for my blog so i began by choosing a nice red shade and copying the code - #c70b0b, as well as a nice gray shade to go with it.

2. i wanted to have a nice font for my blog. so i searched for good fonts all over the net, not to mention my truckload of fonts in my lappy. for my post titles, i used Caviar Dreams from for my main page text, i just went with something generic, Verdana, so as not to be an eyesore. a splash of cool fonts here and there look so much neater.

3. i then spent hours trying to customize my chosen fonts on my blog. i finally found a very helpful tutorial over at

4. i also wanted to customize my widget titles so i searched for a tutorial to teach me just that. my lifesaver came from

5. to start customizing my widget, i searched for a nice red and black pattern. i then did the most tedious task of editing each title using adobe photoshop cs3. it took me hours to do that, and then i uploaded them to my site and edited a few kinks here and there.

6. i cleaned my posts by setting my text alignment to justified. again, i had no idea how so go google. by now, i realized Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V were really good friends.

7. i also aligned my badges by setting them to center mode.

8. i tested out my links, and relearned my hyperlink codes and customized my hover link colors, and pretty much obsessed about my links for a few minutes.

and i guess that's about it. it sounds so easy but it took me about four hours to do all this. i'm such a noob.

anyhow, my blog cleanup duties just aren't about finished though...
♥ center-align my post titles. how could i forget?!
♥ i also need a blog post divider.
♥ and a signature.
♥ a pretty header too.
♥ rounded picture frames for all my photos on my blog.
♥ and i might just go ahead and add some ads.

career much? i'd settle for sleepy much right now.

sweet dreams, yet again,

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  1. great advice! Thanks for checking my blog out, I am now following you :)