Monday, August 30, 2010

the secret world of cheap lip/cheek tints

waaaay back in high school and early college, pressed powder, lip balm and black liner was the height of makeup. bushy eyebrows, flyaway hair and just-there lashes was my everyday look.

what really got me started on makeup was this nifty beauty tool called lip/cheek tint. powder or cream blush seemed overboard to wear everyday, so i settled for lighter tints as my color saviors.

even until now, i still believe in the supreme undying awesomeness of lip/cheek tints. they are incredibly budget friendly, unless you go for the more expensive brands, and are super convenient for everyday wear and tear. but then again, you rarely have to go the upper end of the price spectrum because there are a goody number of cheap but trusty tints all over.

i love lip and cheek tints or stains because they don't feel heavy on your face, especially when you have oily skin like me. the color is also subtle, unless you apply a lot of product, with the effect of just giving you a natural flush. the color range is quite limited, but most tint colors are standardized in the sense that they can be used on different skin tones and types.

here are some cheap but chic tints that i absolutely adore...

1. Careline Lip and Cheek Tint, Php 80.00 (approx.)
- i remember the days... this was my first ever tint! i was in highschool, and drugstore makeup was all a highschool student's allowance could afford. this comes in only one shade, a deep fuchsia, but looks light when blended out. very liquid and dries out fast. the silver capped tube with flower detail is quite tacky, but it's a good old product for young girls. cheap too.

2. Ever Bilena Lip and Cheek Stain, Php 175.00 (approx.)
- i bought this one sale, two for around Php 200.00 so really not bad. it comes off more expensive when bought individually. there are 3 shades: red, orange and violet. i picked red and orange because they seemed wearable. the orange one was too light on me, i had to use a lot before a hint of color would appear. (i'm morena by the way.) the red one was better, an exactly red shade that makes me look flushed. still very runny, doesn't dry up too fast, but packaging is a total rip-off from the Body Shop's tint. minus points for that.

3. Penshoppe Cheek Tint in Blushed, Php 99.00
- now this one i absolutely adore! strictly, it's just a cheek stain, but it's so good and cheap that i have to put it here. it comes in a small tube, but you use only a small drop (seriously) and the color goes on great. just as its name suggests, you look like your blushing! color is peachy pink shade. slightly thicker and creamier. blends really well and minimal product usage with great color. not bad at all.

4. Bench Pretty When Pinched, Php 180.00
- it's a ddep violet/fuchsia shade, but looks great when blended out. i was amazed with this one because i swatched it on my arm and the color lasted hours. not at all bad for something so affordable. the pot is cute too, it looks like nail polish except that it's runny. super buy, this one.

5. SanSan Lip and Cheek Tint, price still to check
- i haven't really tried this one out, but SanSan is known for cheap but dependable products that i'm banking on the brand's great products reviews. it's a cherry red shade that reminds me of Ever Bilena, just a teeny bit lighter. i'm heading out to the HBC store to get my own bottle quite soon. but knowing SanSan, i'm sure this won't drain my pocket.

6. Fashion 21 Lip and Cheek Tint, not too sure about price, Php 200.00 below
- it comes with a cute silver roller ball, which i find quite convenient. i find it a bit expensive because even though the price isn't up there, the tube is a bit small. i've seen violet and red shades so far. i like the red shade a lot, it's cherry red that looks very sweet when blended out.

i know that there are other local brands out there, and i'd love to try and test them out. these cheap tints are really handy and worth your money. i wanted to try some of the more expensive brands, but Filipino mentality kicking in, we still prioritize the price. right ladies? who doesn't want a good deal these days? spend that hard-earned moolah on products that do their job without killing your cash cow.

spend the extra money on those expensive but trusted and utterly necessary products rather,

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