Sunday, August 8, 2010

NARS + Stila wishlist

after B, i guess my second love would be have to be makeup. and oh my lordie, i just can't get enough of the lovely products out there. i'm totally in love with my NARS Orgasm that i knew i just had to have more of the blushes from NARS. thank god for suppliers like mine, who offered to get me my NARS blushes at a discount. even though they're cheek heaven, they're just not good for your pocket.

i checked out the NARS website and am now officially lusting for these:

NARS in Nico - natural shade for a natural glow

NARS in Desire - a cotton candy pink for a sweet blush

me thinks of just buying one shade a month. that way i won't get broke and i won't get tired of them right away? just thinking.

i also checked out some Stila makeup after Karen of the Makeup and Beauty Blog posted a great review of the Stila Custom Color Blush.

the color isn't something i would normally want to put (i don't really feel the shade.) on my cheeks but after reading all the sci-fi descriptions and seeing the turnout on Karen's morena skin, i want to try it out for myself. i can't wait for the Stila section in the local mall to stock up on these. that would probably take months, but that only means i can still save up for it.

i'm also setting my sights on these other lovelies:
♥ NARS bronzing brush - the dome shape is just beautiful and i'm betting it would turn out great for me!
♥ Dashing Diva in Hell's Kitchen & Park Avenue Mistress - more red please.
♥ Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Caprice, Fiery & Petal - Fiery is another red that i would love to add to my red lippy collection. Caprice is a Barbie pink shade, and Petal would go great with my Nyx Tea Rose.
♥ OPI in Affair in Red Square & Malaga Wine - i just can't get enough of dark/blood red polish. i think it's the sexiest color out there.
♥ The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist - pure sakura love. it sort of reminds me of my anime addiction days and mysteriously makes me feel like i'm a katana wielding character from Samurai X.
♥ Folded & Hung Fragrances in Stargazer or Ingenue - F&H has such affordable perfumes that i guess i'll be heading over this weekend to get my own bottles. i especially adore Stargazer because of its shimmer particles suspended in the perfume. so pretty.

*sigh* the list just goes on and on. if B knew about my beloved blog, he'd probably take note of this one and be my santa.

stay red,

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