Sunday, August 15, 2010

zen zest perfume in thistle: cooler than cool water woman?

i ran out of my trusty everyday Penshoppe Flirt eau de parfum. it smells great, and it's super affordable, but it's just a too little bottle. time to go look for a replacement scent!

B and i were in sm yesterday toy shopping when we passed by the Zen Zest stall. i've smelled their perfume in Tangerine from a friend and decided to get my own. but i went home with this baby instead...

the saleslady kept on pushing me to buy from their range. it costs Php 200.00 for the big bottle plus you get a small bottle for free. but what got me was when she mentioned that Thistle was a dupe for Davidoff's Cool Water Woman. i must say that that sealed the deal.

smell is light and not overpowering. packaging is a sweet pink. plus i got a mini bottle of Tangerine (a sweet smell really.). what's not to love? i think this is a signature scent in the making. will definitely keep coming back to this.

stay red,

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