Friday, July 30, 2010

etude house mini loot and myoh blues

B and i went to the mall today to make our own pair of havaianas, just to beat the crowd tomorrow. but we ended up not getting anything at all because of availability issues. we wanted red top soles with black top straps, but black straps were only available for men's sizes. the only black straps available for women were the ones with glow in the dark havaianas letters. eek! i was seriously disappointed because we'd been waiting for myoh for months. boohoo.

i was really sad about not getting our own unique pair, but when we passed by the newly opened Etude House, i made a beeline for the doors directly. there were a lot of ladies browsing the racks, so i only ended up with the eyelash curler, which is what i really needed anyway. i'll be reviewing it soon.

i wish i could blog more, but i'm in the office right now and we're not really allowed to post blogs here. something about using our internet access for work-related stuff. but i can't really work well unless i blog about this right? just to be safe, i'll keep this short and sweet for the security camera behind my back.

more to come: new products i absolutely love from Human Nature!

stay red always,

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

upcoming movies!

i almost fell out of my seat when i saw these trailers and i can't wait to buy advanced tickets and watch them both in 3D, probably in IMAX if my pocket allows me. hehe.

the first part of deathly hallows releases this coming November, and the last one next July. i'm rereading book 7 just to prepare my brains for this one. super love!

and of course, this one too:

narnia isn't as popular as harry potter, even though it's just as good. and unlike hp, the movies aren't too bad. coming in December.

other movies i'll be watching:
- Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. i'll be watching next week with my friends from work.
- The Last Airbender. i'm still curious about this because my kuya loves the cartoon series. even though they say it sucks, i want to find out for myself.

watch out for reviews later on!

stay red,

*click on the pictures for a link to the trailers!*


directed by film genius christopher nolan and starring the sizzling hot leonardo dicaprio and my favorite ellen paige, this blockbuster is every frame worth your money. it’s one of those films that totally absorb you into its own universe. a bit long though. but it’s brilliant, and action-packed. i always appreciate a movie that has brains.

B and i were supposed to watch m. night shyamalan’s the last airbender but when i read the horrible reviews and heard the good comments about inception, we switched at the last minute. i wouldn’t know if we did the right choice with watching inception until i see airbender, but this is one good movie. and i love the surprise ending.

have you watched Inception? if not, you've missed half your life! :)

stay red,

maybelline lash stiletto

Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Washable Mascara claims to be the hottest thing that your lashes will wear. according to the Maybelline website, it does to your lashes what stilettos do to your feet, which i have no inkling what exactly. (i'm not such a huge fan of stilettos.)

as quoted from the website:
- The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
- Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
- Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
- Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested

when my online makeup supplier in Facebook, Yunique Shop, got this product available, i did some research. i found lots of good reviews so i immediately ordered one tube since i love the Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara. lesson learned: brands cannot be entirely trusted.

anyway, on to my findings:
i love this product because...
...the wand is absolutely wonderful. the clump-free claim is so so so true.
...lash length is definitely improved. doesn't smear much or run off when i wash my face, unlike other brands i know that run like ink when hit with water. subtly dramatizes your lashes. i can't really pinpoint a hug difference, but i know something looks better with my lashes.

i don't like this product because... doesn't hold up the curl unlike Volume Express.

this product was a major disappointment for me, even though the only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't hold the curl. being born with thick and long lashes, i don't really need mascara that much. some people have even commented that i always look like i'm wearing falsies. BUT! i have ramrod straight lashes that need all the help just to look curled. that's why i prefer mascaras that can hold the curl. i probably won't repurchase, and i'm using it to lengthen my lashes on top of Volume Express.
it's still a bargain though, it cost me Php380.00.

have any of you used Lash Stiletto? how did it work for you?

stay red,

*will definitely post a picture of me wearing the product sometime*
*picture from Maybelline website*

etude house wishlist

as my first post, i'll be writing about one of my loves in life. and no, i'm not talking about my boyfriend. i'm talking about makeup! it's every girl's real best friend, because i wholeheartedly believe that every girl has the animal right to make herself beautiful. so go makeup.

the popular korean cosmetics brand Etude House recently opened a new branch in our local mall here in cebu. i haven't visited sm in months, and i only read about this in ate mikki's blog. (one of my faves, oh yes!) i did some background research on the products, and here's a list of what i'm currently lusting for from their product lines:

1. Lovely Cookie Blush in Rose or Lovely Pink

2. Dear Darling Lip Tint in Berry Red

3. Eyelash Curler

4. Blush Brush

i'm not sure what i'll end up with when i finally exit Etude House this weekend, but i sure do hope it won't damage my pocket too much! :) just to be safe, i'll bring my boyfriend along to try and stop me.

do you guys know any good reviews or products from Etude House? lemme know!

stay red,

*all photos from Etude House website*

all things red and ranyah...

hello world! and welcome to my own little slice of cyberspace called Red 301. it sounds incredibly like a room, don't you think? but i'd like to think about it as my own little nook in the vastness of the internet, where i'll be posting stuff about food, makeup, books, movies and just about anything that i want to share.

so why Red 301? i actually brainstormed for a while about what to call my blog. i've been wracking my brains, and forming new ideas that i always end up scrapping. i've always loved to write. this is probably my umpteenth time trying to start a blog, but i get tired of my lame ideas pretty easily. that's why i came up with something random and vague. Red 301 is actually my favorite shade of nail polish from The Face Shop. i'm a lot of things, and a nail polish junkie is definitely one of them. i always end up going back to Red 301 after trying out lots of colors and i guess it stands as a metaphor of me trying to jumpstart a lot of blogs and falling back to this one.

i'll try to post as frequently as i can, given my vampiric schedule (i sleep during the day and work at night. damn graveyard shift.) and i sure do hope you'll all like my posts as much i enjoy posting them. so here's to hoping that Red 301 won't fade at all. i'm hoping to see this blog grow and grow because i love sharing my experiences to the rest of the world.

stay red,