Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all things red and ranyah...

hello world! and welcome to my own little slice of cyberspace called Red 301. it sounds incredibly like a room, don't you think? but i'd like to think about it as my own little nook in the vastness of the internet, where i'll be posting stuff about food, makeup, books, movies and just about anything that i want to share.

so why Red 301? i actually brainstormed for a while about what to call my blog. i've been wracking my brains, and forming new ideas that i always end up scrapping. i've always loved to write. this is probably my umpteenth time trying to start a blog, but i get tired of my lame ideas pretty easily. that's why i came up with something random and vague. Red 301 is actually my favorite shade of nail polish from The Face Shop. i'm a lot of things, and a nail polish junkie is definitely one of them. i always end up going back to Red 301 after trying out lots of colors and i guess it stands as a metaphor of me trying to jumpstart a lot of blogs and falling back to this one.

i'll try to post as frequently as i can, given my vampiric schedule (i sleep during the day and work at night. damn graveyard shift.) and i sure do hope you'll all like my posts as much i enjoy posting them. so here's to hoping that Red 301 won't fade at all. i'm hoping to see this blog grow and grow because i love sharing my experiences to the rest of the world.

stay red,

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