Wednesday, July 28, 2010

upcoming movies!

i almost fell out of my seat when i saw these trailers and i can't wait to buy advanced tickets and watch them both in 3D, probably in IMAX if my pocket allows me. hehe.

the first part of deathly hallows releases this coming November, and the last one next July. i'm rereading book 7 just to prepare my brains for this one. super love!

and of course, this one too:

narnia isn't as popular as harry potter, even though it's just as good. and unlike hp, the movies aren't too bad. coming in December.

other movies i'll be watching:
- Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. i'll be watching next week with my friends from work.
- The Last Airbender. i'm still curious about this because my kuya loves the cartoon series. even though they say it sucks, i want to find out for myself.

watch out for reviews later on!

stay red,

*click on the pictures for a link to the trailers!*

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