Friday, July 30, 2010

etude house mini loot and myoh blues

B and i went to the mall today to make our own pair of havaianas, just to beat the crowd tomorrow. but we ended up not getting anything at all because of availability issues. we wanted red top soles with black top straps, but black straps were only available for men's sizes. the only black straps available for women were the ones with glow in the dark havaianas letters. eek! i was seriously disappointed because we'd been waiting for myoh for months. boohoo.

i was really sad about not getting our own unique pair, but when we passed by the newly opened Etude House, i made a beeline for the doors directly. there were a lot of ladies browsing the racks, so i only ended up with the eyelash curler, which is what i really needed anyway. i'll be reviewing it soon.

i wish i could blog more, but i'm in the office right now and we're not really allowed to post blogs here. something about using our internet access for work-related stuff. but i can't really work well unless i blog about this right? just to be safe, i'll keep this short and sweet for the security camera behind my back.

more to come: new products i absolutely love from Human Nature!

stay red always,

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