Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nyx Lip Swatches

i'm a huge fan of NYX Round Lipsticks because they're such good, trusty lip colors for the price range. they glide on smoothly, and are absolutely creamy and there is a wide variety of shades to choose from. although it's not great for long-term wear as the color stays on my smackers for around 3 hours max, it's perfect for everyday perk-me-ups.

to date, i have 4 tubes in my kit. i do want more, but i wanted to try other lip products from other brands as well and that's why i don't have as many as i want to. besides, i'm still a noob in this makeup junkie world and 4 tubes is a good start. this range is a must-have for any makeup junkie, i'm sure.

i got my NYX Lippies from my makeup supplier over in FB, Yunique Shop. they're quite cheap, i wonder why they're not available in stores and such.

anyhow, on to my swatches! as i said, i currently have 4 tubes.

from l-r: Snow White, Tea Rose, Thalia and Hebe

Snow White - a gorgeous, bloody red great for elegant nights out or formal occasions. paired with toned down eye and cheek makeup, this would up the hotness scale by gazillions. turns you to instant vampirella babe.

Tea Rose - a sweet pink for casual afternoons with B

Thalia - an almost nude pink with blue tones great for corporate wear

here's a pic of me wearing Thalia...

Hebe - a deep fuchsia/red shade with shimmer that i alternate with Thalia for office days. i was a bit hesitant with this one because of the frosting, but it's great on lips.

my faves? Tea Rose...

and Snow White! here's a pic of me wearing absolutely no makeup except for Snow White. funny, i just woke up in this pic. where's my prince?!

i'm definitely ordering more Nyx lippies, around 2 or 3 a month! coming up, Circe! can't wait...

stay red!

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  1. You have nice lips! really like the shape (hope that doesn't sound too weird!)